WHAT is Laminating?

Lamination is the process of manufacturing a material in multiple layers so that the laminated material produces improved strength, stability, protection, appearance, or other characteristics from the use of differing materials. Some examples of lamination include applying a film laminate to paper for protection, or laminating one type of paper to a different kind of paper, or laminating paper to book board or foam core.

WHEN should you use Film Laminating?

Laminating is best used for products that will have SPOT UV applied, book covers, menus, and reference material.

WHAT finishes are provided with Film Laminating?

Film Lamination can provide in matte, gloss and soft touch finishes.

WHAT is Soft Touch Film Laminate?

Soft Touch Film Lamination has a matte finish, and a velvety soft texture when touched.

WHEN should you Laminate Paper together?

To create an extra thick paper stock, or to have additional layers of color created from layering paper stocks that isn't available from the paper manufacturer. Typically, this is done to create double thick business cards or book covers, for a sturdier product.

WHEN should you Laminate Paper to Book Board?

To create an extra thick rigid finished product.