Spot UV and Raised Spot UV

Raised Spot Uv Banner

WHAT is Spot UV?

Spot UV is the process of applying a clear polymer on top of a coated or laminated paper to highlight specific areas in your design.

WHAT is Raised Spot UV?

Raised Spot UV is created when varying thicknesses of Spot UV polymer are applied to give a three dimensional effect to your design. Running your fingers over Raised Spot UV you can feel the dimension created from the application of the polymer.

WHEN should you use Spot UV or Raised Spot UV?

Spot UV and Raised Spot UV are used to accent specific areas in a design to provide a high quality, unique appearance to a design piece.

WHAT is UV polymer?

UV polymer is a clear glossy polymer that is cured under ultra violet lights so that it sets instantly.

WHAT things should I know if I am sending a printed sheet to receive raised SPOT UV?

Registration marks need to be printed on the sheet that is receiving SPOT UV, for the SPOT UV equipment to enable exact placement. Contact us to get help with this part.

NO clear water based sealant should be applied to a printed piece that is to receive SPOT UV coating, because this will provide an inferior surface for the coating.

Do not apply SPOT UV coating to within 3mm or 1/8 of an inch from the edge to be cut.

Areas where the SPOT UV coating is applied should avoid positions where they will be directly perforated, creased or scored.